How to write an effective essay in CSS exam

Writing an English essay is quite tactical and needs a comprehensive study and reasonable approach. However if the word tactical is used, it means that writing an essay needs skills and we, in this topic, will equipped you with certain tips in order to make your essay worth reading. Essay is a scientific piece of writing in which you have to deal with a defined formula and move step by step. Healthy essay contains 35 or more points but you have to focus on quality more than quantity. The size of an essay is immaterial until it have been asked by the paper maker. Following is a method of writing an English essay. First of all this method is given in a bullet form and later points are discussed in detail.

01 Theme statement or Outline
02 Main body
03 Brief history
04 Facts and figures
05 Causes
06 Effects
06 Suggestions or predictions
07 Opinion (if you have)
08 Concluding paragraph
Now the detail of every point is given.
If you are asked to make an outline in paper you are supposed to make it very precisely.
You cannot write theme statement with outline.
How to make outline?
In outline you have to write all points which you are going to elaborate in your essay. You can also make headings and sub headings.
• Fact #1
• Fact # 2
• Fact # 3
• Cause # 1
• Cause # 2
• Cause # 3

How to make theme statement?
Essay is a convincing piece of argument in which you have to convince your paper checker to award you good marks. In this context it can be rightly said that first impression is the last impression, so you have to create your first impression a mark gaining impression. Theme statement plays a major role in this context. You have to tell your paper marker about your efforts which you are going to generate in your essay.
Main body.
In this part you have to move step by step. Decide what you are going to write first. If you have decided to write facts and figure before history, go in sequence.
You may have facts from history to write. Importantly, you need to write fact chronologically, moving from past to present or vice versa. Moreover the way and sequence you are giving to your cause, similar sequence is required for effects. It will be good if you are writing causes and effects according to their order of importance.
Additionally, discuss all sides of issue. E.g. political, economic, social, cultural, environmental and psychological issues. Discuss them on all levels i.e. international, national, local, regional level.
It is better if economic issue is discussed first. Religion can be a cause but not an effect.
Suggestions and Predictions.
Suggestions must be mirror of the causes and predictions must be in a positive way. Any quote or saying of any renowned personality is perfect for prediction.
As theme statement is an opening paragraph of an essay, similarly conclusion is an ending paragraph of an essay. This ending paragraph should be optimistic with eye catching quotations and rich in expression.


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